(e)valuating work(ers)

This website brings together cultural sociological studies exploring the cultural dimensions of our economic lives by investigating practices of evaluation (i.e. the act of judging) and valuation (i.e. the act of attributing value) of work and workers.

Here you find information about the people and organizations involved in these studies. It simultaneously serves as a platform for work in progress, publications and workshops.

hiring on taste

Job interviews are crucial gatekeeping encounters and by in-depth examination of recruitment processes, we can get new insights in the cultural dimension of hiring.

the value of money work

We explore the moral background of finance by mapping out how financial firms deal with their social role, advertise their cultural values and promote employee diversity.

cosmopolitan workers

This project investigates the cultural narratives that organizations mobilize in order to construct the notion of an international career.

“Work may be a mere source of livelihood, or the most significant part of one’s inner life, it may be experienced a expiation, or as exuberant expression of self; as bounden duty, or as the development of man’s universal nature. Neither love nor hatred of work is inherent in man, or inherent in any given line of work. For work has no intrinsic meaning.”

C. Wright mills

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